Monday, June 23, 2008

Modbe Swimsuits! ~ Modbe Swim! ~ Longer Tankini's!

It's OFFICIALLY Summer! ~ With 80-90 degree weather it's HOT!

~ Are you Looking HOT in your New Modest Swimsuit From Modbe?~

Modbe still has plenty of Longer Tankini tops & Swim Bikini Bottoms to choose From! www.MODBECLOTHING.COM/BUY

If Modbe doesn't have the swim top in your size, ask yourself if you can wear a size smaller? -- With the New material that Modbe Swim has this year... You May be able to get away with it!

(For more questions on me, go to: for my contact info.)

~If you think the Modbe swimsuits/Longer Tankini are CuTe on the computer screen...Wait 'till YOU get YOUR Modbe Swimsuit in person & see how CuTe the Modbe Swim Really is!!! -- You will NOT be Disappointed!

Modbe Has Swim Bottoms available too!

They still have Modbe Ruffle Wraps!

Modbe Retro

Modbe Halter Swim Top!

Modbe Bandeau Swim Top

Modbe Diagonal Swim top

Modbe TWEEN!

Modbe Lace-up Swim Top!

Go To: to check Available Sizes!

Modbe Fashion Consultant For Me?

Have YOU ever thought to yourself..... I could Sell Modbe Clothing!

~ Now is the time to Just DO it!~
-- So, STOP asking & thinking about becoming a Modbe Consultant, NOW is the TIME!!! --50% OFF Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swim!

--PLUS, receive 30% OFF Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swim FOREVER... For LiFe!

Yep... For LiFe!

(No matter if you're actively selling or not!)

Plus, Modbe is going to be re-leasing a NEW Line here in a month or two....what better way to boost your New Modbe business than NOW!

E-mail me Today if you're interested in Selling Modbe Clothing/Modbe Swim.... or go: & JOIN NOW!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Modbe Summer SALE!!!!

This weekend Modbe is holding a HUGE SALE. Enjoy amazing Modbe items at great prices. Order online through your Modbe Consultant!

The sale will start Friday, June 20th, 2008 at 10:00 AM (MST) and will run through Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 5:00 PM (MST).

Wrap Dress Originally $48.00 Now $24.00
Swing Skirts Originally $38.00
Now $10.00
Kidbe Originally $20.00
Now $10.00
Smock Stars Originally $42.00
Now $15.00
Cool Cardigans Originally $40.00
Now $10.00
Swell Shells Originally $28.00 Now $10.00
Spring '07 Originally $28.00 - $38.00
Now $ 5.00

These items are going fast!

Note: All orders must be placed online:
All sales are final, no returns or exchanges.
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