Thursday, December 23, 2010

Looking for Modest Clothing at a Modest Price?!
Since Modbe & other BIG Modest Clothing stores went out of business it's been more difficult to find, SHOP, & Buy Modest Clothing!
just might be your Solution!
Check them out! They are having an After Christmas Sale!
Lowest Prices Ever!
Shop Early ~ On Time for Best Selection! :o)
Thanks! "HaPPy Holidays!"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Thanksgiving "Thank You" to Modbe Customers & Original Modbe Clothing

A Special Thanksgiving "Thank You" to all My Modbe Clothing Customer's!

Go HERE to read the blog post that I Contribute to YOU!

You will get to know something very personal about me but it's an important part of how things came to be! {my modbe blog & more...}

again, "Thank You" Modbe Clothing {the original} for all the Wonder Modbe Sales that I helped promote on my modbe blog to Help Spread the Word to all the Wonderful Modbe Customers, so they could get a "Great Deal" on good quality clothing & to make them Feel "Pretty" & "Good" about themselves!

"Happy Thanksgiving!" :o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Novae Clothing ~ Christmas Shopping

Even Though the "Original Modbe Clothing" is gone... Novae Clothing wanted to be able to provide a place for Women to Shop on line for those CuTe Modest Clothing items with ease & at an affordable price!

Novae Clothing wants to be part of your Christmas!
You can look forward to FREE SHIPPING, Coupon Codes for Clothing & more Christmas Specials/Offers/SaLe on your Favorite Modest Clothing!!

Go to: to ShoP!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Their is a New Modest Clothing Store on line, Novae Clothing!
~ Check it out! ~ I think you're going to "Like" what you see!
Go 2: for details on Novae Clothing's InCreDiBle Products & Offers & Other Modest Clothing & Swimwear Companies!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Original Modbe Clothing & Swimwear....

I just updated/changed Prices & added FREE S/H to some
Modbe Products!
Consider this your
MODBE Fall 2010 SaLe!

My Modest4Me Blog has "Original" Modbe Clothing Products ~ Including Modbe Swimwear at Discounted Prices!! They won't last long Come "ShoP" on my other blog & get what you've been looking for!

~ Modbe Basics.... Modbe Capsleeves & Modbe Cami's!!
~ Modbe True Rise Jeans!
~ Modbe Swimwear!
~ Modbe Workout Wear!

Go HERE, Before it's gone FoReVeR!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Fall Fashion 2010...

Modest Clothing -- Fall Fashion 2010 is Here & MoRe on it's way!

I have some BiG Surprises coming your way...but for now, you can check out the Newly released Fall Fashion from a Modest Clothing Company on my site!
ShoP Early 4 the BesT Selection!!

Stay Tuned 2 my Blogs....MoRe Modest Clothing Fashion coming YouR WaY!! :o)

PS Don't forget to Shop the tabs across the top of my blog... their are still Modbe Cap sleeves, Modbe Cami's & MoRe!!

"Thanks & HaPPy ShoPPinG!" :o)

~ Hope y'all had a GreaT SuMMeR!! ~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Modest Swimwear: Modbe Swim/Clothing

I just posted more Modbe Swimwear for Sale & even Lowered some Swim Pr$ces!!! ~ (hurry, this will go Fast!)
Come Check it Out & See if I have what YoU are LooKinG 4!! :o)

Go to:

"Thanks & HaPPy ShoPPinG!" :o)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Swimwear Giveaways!!!

I'm having more Modest Swimwear Giveaways on my other blog ~ Come check it out!
Go to:

"Thanks" & GooD LucK! :o)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Modest Swimwear + Giveaway = Modest4Me!

Modest4Me is having a Giveaway on Modest Swimwear!! ~ $75 Giveaway! :o)

Come Check it Out & Enter every day for your chance to WiN!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~ Modest4me Giveaway! ~ Modest Swimwear

Hey Ladies! I'm going to be doing a Giveaway on my other blog from a New Company that I'm working with.... For more details about the giveaway go HERE!

Thanks! :o)

PS ~ I still have Modbe Swimsuits for Sale (on my other site: ) they are at least 50% OFF Retail prices!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Modbe Swim/Swimsuits ~ Modest Swimwear ~ Modest Clothing

**Still have a lot of Modbe Swimwear & Modbe Clothing Items that are 4 SaLe (by other peeps) at a HuGe Discounted Pr$ces ... some items are over 50% OFF RetaiL Price!! + These are NEW items LaDieS... Never been worn!!!

~ Modbe Swim/Modest Swimwear from 2007-2010!!
~ Modbe Clothing/Modest Clothing: Capsleeves, Tanks, Cami's, WorKOuT WeaR, HooDieS!!

Check It OuT HERE!

Thanks & "Happy Shopping!" :o)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

~ Modest 4 Me ~

~ I have been working on some things.... with some Really AweSoMe Companies & will ShaRe with YoU ALL when all the DetaiLs are Finalized! ~

It will be so worth the Wait.... YoU will NOT want to Miss OuT, so come back, visit often, find me/my "modest4me" on fb & "like it" -- So YoU can be "up-2 DaTe" on ALL the Happenings!!! :o)

(click on pic. 2 find discounted -NEW Modbe Swimwear & Clothing)

Thanks for ALL You'Re Support & as AlwaYs....

"HaPPy ShoPPinG!" ..... 2 be Continued.

Monday, May 10, 2010

~ NEW Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swimwear at Discounted Pr$ces!!

~LoWer Pr$ces on NEW Modbe Swimwear & NEW Modbe Clothing Products!!! (just changed today!)

~ "ShoP" HERE, 4 a "SteaL of a DeaL" on NEW ProDucTs...HuRRy! They won't last long at these Pr$ceS!!! :o)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swimwear -- 50% off or More!!!

I have Modbe Swimwear & Modbe Clothing for SaLe... click HERE!
~ Some of these Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swimwear Products You CAN NOT Find Anywhere Else!!
50% off or More off Retail Pr$ces!!! :o)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modbe Swimwear & Modbe Clothing!!

Do You Miss Modbe Clothing?! I sure Do!

I just posted some Modbe Swimwear & Modbe Clothing (click HERE ) on my NEW Website!
Their is still a lot to choose.... Modbe Swimwear from 2008, 2009 & even some from 2007! -- some "popular" styles that Sold out fast are 4 sale!

This is the ONLY Website that has Modbe Swimwear & Modbe Clothing from previous years ALL in One PlaCe ready 4 YOU 2 BuY at GreaT Pr$ceS!!!

Thanks for checking out my website & "Happy Shopping!" :o)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

~ My Version of Modbe Swimwear 2010!!!

I Just posted A LOT MoRe Modbe Swimwear 4 SaLe on my New website!!!
"This is my Version of Modbe Swim 2010!"
CheCk it OuT!!!

Go to:

Thanks & " Happy Shopping :o)

Monday, February 22, 2010

~ Modest Swimwear 4 SaLe!! ~

Swimwear Shopping is in the air LaDieS!!

~ Do You have Your Modest Swimwear Yet?!

~ Do You Miss Modbe's Swimwear like I do?!
Well, You're in LucK.... I just Posted some Modbe swimwear... some NEW - some Practically NEW!!! Check it Out!

Thanks & "Happy Shopping!" :o)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Swimwear.....

Thank You for visiting my Website!

When Modbe Clothing was going out of Business, I had been a Modbe Fashion Consultant with them since 2005. So I was really Sad to see them go.

I had an Idea & acted on it.....

I'm so ExCiTeD to introduce YoU to MY NEW WEBSITE/BLOG: ( where Women are helping other Women find Modest Clothing & Swimwear @ a GreaT Pr$ce!

GO TO: For more details..... (just added some swimwear & other Items!! :o) 2/21/10)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update: Re-sell you Modbe Clothing Products!

I'm currently working my little toosh off.... Should have it up & running for all You WonDerFuL Modbe Clothing Customers (including myself) to re-sell your STUFF to other Modbe Customers!!!

~ It's going to be sooooo AweSomE, I'm so ExCiTeD!!!! I should have it ready (hopefully) No later than:
Fri.Jan. 15th, 2010!!!
See you soon! Thanks! :o)
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