Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Thanksgiving "Thank You" to Modbe Customers & Original Modbe Clothing

A Special Thanksgiving "Thank You" to all My Modbe Clothing Customer's!

Go HERE to read the blog post that I Contribute to YOU!

You will get to know something very personal about me but it's an important part of how things came to be! {my modbe blog & more...}

again, "Thank You" Modbe Clothing {the original} for all the Wonder Modbe Sales that I helped promote on my modbe blog to Help Spread the Word to all the Wonderful Modbe Customers, so they could get a "Great Deal" on good quality clothing & to make them Feel "Pretty" & "Good" about themselves!

"Happy Thanksgiving!" :o)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Modest Clothing ~ Novae Clothing ~ Christmas Shopping

Even Though the "Original Modbe Clothing" is gone... Novae Clothing wanted to be able to provide a place for Women to Shop on line for those CuTe Modest Clothing items with ease & at an affordable price!

Novae Clothing wants to be part of your Christmas!
You can look forward to FREE SHIPPING, Coupon Codes for Clothing & more Christmas Specials/Offers/SaLe on your Favorite Modest Clothing!!

Go to: to ShoP!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Their is a New Modest Clothing Store on line, Novae Clothing!
~ Check it out! ~ I think you're going to "Like" what you see!
Go 2: for details on Novae Clothing's InCreDiBle Products & Offers & Other Modest Clothing & Swimwear Companies!
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