Monday, July 28, 2008

Want to Buy Modbe Swim & Modbe Clothing,but don't live in the USA?

Do you want to Buy Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swim, but you don't Live in the USA?!
-- NO problem! -- If you know someone living in the states with an address that You can use to have your Modbe Products shipped to that address & then they can turn around &ship it to you! Modbe is not BiG enough yet to start shipping to different countries, but You can have it shipped to someone you know in the states, just enter in their address as if it were your own! (obvioulsy get permisson from the people you know to use thier address & see if they will ship it to you)! :o)

~Don't let the country you live in Stop You from wearing the CuTe, Modest & Stylish Modbe Clothing & Modbe Swim!~
Go to: Today!

~ Modbe SALE! ~ Modbe Consultant #1163


Starting Tues. July 29th 2008 at 10:00am (mst) 25%-80% OFF Modbe Swim, Dresses, Tops & who knows what else! Go To: to Buy Modbe Swim & other items up to 80% Off!

If you want to Get FREE Modbe Clothing : "Host a Virtual party" just e-mail me & we can get you started today! (get your friends & family in on the Modbe SALE & you as a Modbe Hostess, get the credit for it!

A "Modbe Virtual Party" is all done on line! E-vites (e-mailed invitations) & anyone anywhere in the USA can order & have it shipped to them & YOU (the hostess) get credit for it! ~ All at the convenience of your own Home... No more having people over & trying to decide "when a good time" would be to have a party.... Your Family & friends order from their computer & You as a Modbe Hostess get the credit for it! If you are wanting to earn FREE Modbe Clothing & FREE Modbe Swim, & don't have a lot of time, but have Great contacts through via e-mail (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers), this is the Perfect Modbe party for YOU!
Check out my website for Modbe Hostess Benefits: Modbe Consultant #1163

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~ Modest Maternity Swimwear & Modest Maternity Clothing from Modbe Clothing! ~

Can we say CuTe! You can see & BUY Modbe Swim & Modbe Clothing on my other website:

Modbe Clothing has a Great selection of Modbe Swim & other clothing items for Women, Plus Sizes, Maternity, Tween, & Kidbe (kids)!

Modbe Clothing ~ New Website!

Modbe Clothing has upgraded & has "improved" their website to make it easier for you

"our Modbe customers" to get what you want... FAST! Check out Modbe's New website: (this is actually MY new modbe website)

--NO more websites!--

If you don't have a Modbe Consultant to call your own... you can use my # to get you in!

My Modbe Fashion Consultant # is: 1163, just enter that in whenever you need to order something & you'll get me everytime! :o)

P.S. ~ Stay tuned.... A New Modbe Summer Line Coming Very SOON! "*e-mail me if you want to stay"in the loop" about New Modbe Releases, Sales & Specials!

(I will only send an e-mail out when these things happen... No Spam!)

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