Friday, October 14, 2011

Modest Clothing for Women - Fall/Winter 2011

These are such Cute Modest Clothing for Women & at a Bargain Price too!

Fall/Winter 2011

Did you read the post below this one... about Modbe Clothing?

The REAL Story about Modbe Clothing.

Modbe Clothing.... didn't really make a come back....

The {Original} Modbe Clothing went out of Business in 2009 & later Down East Outfitters purchased the name/logo & is now making clothing with the Modbe name. I wanted to still continue with this blog because Women are still searching for Modbe & Modest Clothing!

I would LoVe for you to read about How {this blog} MyModbe Blog came to be & most importantly Why.... You can read it HERE.

I have created another website called Modest4Me that will have a number of Modest Clothing & Modest Swimwear Companies for you to Shop on ALL in ONE Place! Plus *NEW & Gently Used Tabs are on the blog with products being sold my other people! {some may include Original Modbe Clothing items!} Thanks for your Support & Loyalty! :o)
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