Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~ 30% OFF Modbe Swimwear Coupon Offer!! ~ Exclusive Online Deal ONLY through ME --Your Modbe Consultant #1163.... Limited time only!

For the month of April 2009 I'm currently offering another 30% OFF Modbe Coupon, on top of the Regular one from me for just ordering (read more details about this one --the regular one, on the right hand side of my blog) YES, That means TWO 30% OFF Coupons for NEW customers & just the Modbe swimwear coupon to my existing customers!

Here is how the NEW 30% off Modbe Swimwear Coupon works, ONLY for the month of April 2009!

1st STEP:
All you need to do is purchase from my website:
for Every Modbe Swim Top you will receive YOUR 30% OFF Modbe Swimwear Coupon towards the purchase of a pair of Modbe Swim bottom(s), or a Modbe Swim skirt(s)!

2nd STEP:
After you have placed/completed your order off of my website (listed above) for your swimtop(s) & other items YOU have to e-mail me your choice of swim bottom(s) or swim Skirt(s) so that I can get YOUR 30% OFF Modbe Swim item ordered for you! (I will e-mail you an invoice before ordering your 30% off item(s))-- the sooner you do this the better, as I can NOT make any guarantees on the availability on the swim item you have chosen! There is NO on line Coupon Code, just follow the steps that have been provided.
my E-mail is:
(You have to place your order for your Modbe swim top(s) FIRST, then e-mail me your 30% off swim bottoms or Swim skirt(s) choice SECOND)

***This 30% OFF Modbe Swimwear Coupon is only being offered through me
(Nickelle Weekes #1163) -- NOT Modbe! It's my own "personal" Coupon Offer!

Here is the "Breakdown" using Your 30% off Modbe Swimwear Coupon!
Modbe Swim Bottom:
Reg: $26
Your 30% OFF Price: $18.20
Savings of: $7.80!

Modbe Swim Skirt:
Reg: $32
Your 30% Off Price: $22.40
Savings of: $9.60!

** You will need to include 6% Tax & ONLY $3 for s/h! (I will pay the other 1/2 of s/h)

~~Don't forget to E-MAIL ME YOUR 30% OFF Modbe Swimwear choice in Size & Color.... Thanks!
ntweekes@cableone. ~~ Questions? e-mail me those too!
PS **** Modbe has also just LOWERED their s/h to: $5.95 (opposed to $7.95)! Thanks Modbe! :O)
(s/h varies on amount purchased)
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