Friday, August 29, 2008

Modbe Fall/Holiday 08 ~ Modbe New Fall Line ~ Modest Fall Fashion!

~~ Modbe's New Fall 2008 Line is coming September 8th!

(select products will be available on this date)

Rumor has it they will have....

~New Capsleeve & Camisole colors to choose from (as always!) these are the "Modbe Essentials" that ever Girl needs in her wardrobe! Modbe's Essentials are Great for layering & the fabric quality is Incredible, you won't find better any where else!

~Modbe Limited has always been the Best to Sell & Wear! ~ Unique Modest tops/hoodies/wraps/dresses/skirts, whatever they may be... coming soon!

~ Last but not least... Modbe True Rise Denim Jeans! ~ Yes Ladies, they are coming back with more! More Sizes to choose from(?) More Selection (?)... You'll have to wait & see! These Modbe Jeans are the Best "designer" Jeans that I have ever seen Without paying hundreds of dollars!

Modbe Jeans LOOK like Low-Rise jeans... short zipper in front & bottom pockets stitched just in the right place, BUTT also have the True-Rise in the back to cover your crack!

I LoVe them!

Modbe's Fall event is going to rock the House with their Fashionable Modest Clothing from
Top(s) to Bottom(s)!

To Buy your Modbe Fall 08 Clothes go to:

Want to Host a Modbe Party & earn FREE Modbe Clothes from the New Fall line?! You can have a Modbe Virtual Party!! (a Party On-Line!) e-mail me if you are interested or have more questions!

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