Saturday, November 15, 2008

~~ Modbe Jeans -- Juliette & Naomi.... Important Info...

If you had purchased the Juliette Jeans or the Naomi Jeans on a Pre- Sale Order this year- 2008. Unfortunately You will NOT be receiving them!

Modbe received some samples back from their Manufacturer(twice) on these two products & they did NOT meet the "Modbe Quality Standards" that Modbe is known for

-- High/Top Quality-- with that being said.... they will not be available for us Modbe Consultants to sell this year (2008)....

--If you did Pre-Order one or both of these Modbe Jeans, Modbe should be calling you with an incredible offer to re-place the jeans with the Jane Jeans or the Charmain (from last year!) along with a FREE top of your Choice!!! Otherwise you will be refunded for your Jean(s) purchase! --

Thanks for your Understanding & your Loyalty!
-- We LOVE YOU Modbe Customers!!! :o)

"Happy Shopping!" (currently offering 30% off entire order!! Use PROMO CODE: MSHM69DF -- enter this at the end of your order! )

If you have any quesions feel free to contact me:

P.S. Just to let you know...I personally think the Jane Jeans are really CuTe on! (in person) -- I wasn't too sure about them when I saw them in the Modbe Catalog, but when I got mine & tried them on.... I really liked them! -- Who knows, maybe you will too!!! :o)

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