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Modbe Swimwear '09 ~ 2009 + more Modest Swimwear from Previous years ('08) for Less!

Suit up for SuN SoaKed DaYs that stretch on for miles! Whether your plans include travel to a Desert Island or Tropical Paradise, leave the giant suitcase at home & take what YOU NEED ~ Modbe SwimSuits, Sunglasses & SuN Tan LotioN!

This Year's Modbe Swimwear (2009) has a NEW Mesh Lining to Support & ToNe your Upper Body! - It is lined in the front of all the Modbe swim tops of 2009. All Modbe swim tops, again this year, have Removable padding & NEW this year... UNDERWIRE!!! ~ Shelf Bra & Underwire is ONLY in the FLOUNCE & the KNOT TOP!

Important NOTE: Modbe's Swim Material is NOT the same as Last Years! -- You'll want to go back to size that you normally wear or what you wore in the Modbe Swim 2007 line.

??? Questions about your Body Type? How a certain item fits? Hopefully the info. below will help in your decisions & if you still need that reassurance just let me know! I've been selling Modbe Clothing since 2005 & know A LOT!-- 90%+ of my sales are Internet sales along with a very low exchange & return rate. ~ Let me Help You! :o) Thanks!
To View more of Modbe Swimwear 2009 & Previous Years Swimwear you can Shop & Buy Modbe Swimwear & Other Modbe Clothing Products on my other website: "Happy Shopping!

Introducing Modbe Swimwear 2009! ~ Longer Tankini's

the FLOUNCE (New Style this year!)
2 to choose from! (Black Polka showing) & Pink Stripe
Features a Sweet Ruffle that adds length & Coverage. Not adjustable-Ruching along the sides. Neck ties are removable!
***FYI -- The Black Polka has little tiny white Polka Dots... CuTe!
~NEW Mesh Lining, Shelf Bra with Underwire & Removable padding.
Recommended Body Types: Boy Shape & Slender/Petite

the TIE FRONT (New Style this year!)
4 to choose from!(Pink Polka, Navy Stripe,
Rainbow Stripe & Modbe Dots showing)
Adjustable Neck & Back Ties. Side ruching can be adjusted around the bust. Long strings in front to allow for "tie in front".
**FYI -- The Rainbow Stripe has gold thread weaved through the fabric to give it a kind of shimmer, it's really pretty. The dark stripe in the Modbe Rainbow Stripe swim top is Brown NOT Black.
~NEW Mesh Lining & Removable padding.
Recommended Body Types: Boy Shape,Curvy Shape

2 to choose From!(Thin Horizontal Stripe showing) & Green Tapestry
Ties behind the Neck & another Tie at the middle of the back.
***FYI -- The Green Tapestry color is pretty True to the color you see on the computer screen... it's green! -- Very CuTe!
~NEW Mesh Lining & Removable padding.
Recommended Body Types: Pear Shape,Boy Shape,Curvy Shape,Slender/Petite

2 to choose from!(Brown Paisley showing) & Tie-Dye
Cinched top & Wide Straps that tie around the Neck & then another tie that ties in the mid-upper portion of the Back.
***FYI -- The Brown Paisley is very CuTe in Person!
~NEW Mesh Lining & Removable padding.
Recommended Body Types: Pear Shape,Slender/Petite

the KNOT TOP (New Style this year!)
4 to Choose From! (Solid Blue & Black showing) & Solid Eggplant & Pink
Bra-Style straps that are adjustable. Cinchable/adjustable ruching on both sides of the swim top. Short Strings in front to allow for bows.
***FYI -- The solid Black top will go Fast... it's been a few years since Modbe has had a solid Black swim top & it sold out fairly quickly the last time!
~NEW Mesh Lining, Shelf Bra with Underwire & Removable padding.
Recommended Body Types: Pear Shape,Boy Shape,Curvy Shape,Slender/Petite,Broad/Busty

the RUFFLE (somewhat New this year compared to last year, their are NO strings to wrap around your body this year)
2 to Choose From!(Pink Tapestry showing) & Eggplant Paisley
White Strings that Tie around the Neck & also another Tie at the middle of the back. Ruffles along the top draw the eye upward to create detail.
***FYI--Both Modbe Ruffle Swim tops have White ruffles w/white strings. These where a Hot seller last year & they are CuTe again this year!
~NEW Mesh Lining & Removable padding.
Recommend Body Types: Pear Shape,Boy Shape,Curvy Shape,Slender/Petite

(3 NEW Modbe Swim bottoms this year: Black Polka,Eggplant,Pink Polka)
(Brown Cocoa Bottoms showing)
Modbe Banded Bikini Swim Bottom(s). Fold it down for HIP coverage or leave it up for more TUMMY support!
Nothing has changed for the Modbe Swim bottoms this year. -- they are Fully lined Front & Back as they have been in the past.

Swim Skirts
2 Colors to Choose From! Solid Black & Brown
Modbe Swim skirts are back again this year! They are at least 4-6 inches longer than the ones you can purchase in the stores. Plus they have a little slit on one side so that you don't walk like a Penguin!

~Various Modbe Swimwear Tops from last year & a few from Previous years at a Lower Price!
Also more color selection in Modbe Swim Bottoms & Modbe Swim Skirts that are being sold from Previous years... ON LINE ONLY! -- Not Shown in the New Modbe Swim 2009 ('09) Catalog.

Here is a Sneak Peak...
The Lace Up 2008

The Diagonal 2008

The Retro 2008

The Ruffle Wrap 2008

Various Sizes are Available. -- so much more to see ~
For Questions:
"Happy Shopping!" :o)
~ Your Modbe Fashion Consultant: Nickelle Weekes #1163

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