Thursday, July 2, 2009

GeT 30% OFF a NeW Modbe Swimsuit/Swimwear....For a Good Cause ~ONE DAY ONLY!!!

On Saturday, July 4th,2009 Modbe Clothing is going to be Sponsoring a BiG Charity EveNt!

Come to Seven Peaks, in Utah and bring some old clothes (shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, anything), and Modbe will give you
30% OFF a New Modbe Swimsuit!
Modbe will have swimsuits there that day to purchase!

~Tell them Nickelle (read it on mymodbe blog) sent you!
I Personally will not be at the event, but would LoVe all Modbe Customers to HeLp out & Spread the word to all your Friends & FaMiLy members you may know in the Utah area.

Modbe will match these donations with Modbe Clothing & GiVe them to a Shelter for Women and Children in Crisis in Provo, UT.
** Modbe will also be having another GreaT Fashion show at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday to ShoW off the NEW Modbe Denim Jeans!!! :o)

"Thanks 4 Your Donations!" :o)

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