Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Modbe Swim 08! -- Modest Swimwear!

Rare is the Modest swimwear that can boast pearls and heels as accessories, but Modbe's latest lineup does just that. Retro in all the right ways but modern in fit and function, our six new styles will have you painting your nails and wearing lipstick to the pool. We can't imagine style icons like Grace Kelly and Jackie O dreading swim season, and with our new designs we think you'll look forward to expressing you inner glamour girl just as much as they did.

~ Modbe Swim: The Tops are fully lined in the front only with padding in all of the swim suit tops. (You can remove padding & add your own or leave it out all together)
The Modbe Swim Bottoms are Fully lined. (front & back)
80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

ALL MODBE's SWIM Tops & Bottoms are SOLD Seperatly this year!

The Ruffle Wrap is a NEW swim top this year!!(isn't it cute?!) It come s in 3 different colors! ~ Burgundy Floral, Black Polka, & Sea Foam Green. These are great for a Pear Shape, Curvy, & Slender/Petite Body Types. It has two adjustable hooks, one on the neck area and the other across the lower back part, you can tighten them or lossen them, they have 2 notches to choose from! They feel very secure! The Wrap-around ties cinch your waist & enhance curves while the length creates a long, lean silhouette. I have the White & Burgundy one & LOVE it! The Black Polka Dot goes to Plus Size 2!
(Sea Foam Green)
~ You can wear this Modbe Swim Top as a Maternity swim top!

The Retro is another NEW swim top this year! It looks more like a bra style with adjustable straps, twisted front & busier prints offer comfort & are visually slimming! Very cute! This swim suit goes to Plus Size 2!-- Great support, a little cleavage.
Comes in 2 different colors, Stripe & Blue Floral! This swim top is great for Curvy Shape, & Broad/Busty Body Types.

(Blue Floral)
~ You can wear this Modbe Swim Top as a Maternity swim top!

The Halter is back for it's 3rd year! It comes in 4 different colors,Cocoa Floral, Blue Paisley, Gold (shimers when wet) & Red Pepper. This is a great suit for those who need that appearance of actually having something up top (like me)! It has 2 ties, one around the neck and the other across the lower back. The fabric crosses in the front so you have better coverage for those who are larger than I am! The Red Pepper Halter goes to Plus Size 2! This swim top is great on Pear Shape, Boy Shape, Slender/Petite Shape Body Types.
~ You can wear this Modbe Swim Top as a Maternity swim top!
(Cocoa Floral)

The Diagonal Stripe is back for a 3rd year aswell! They come in 4 different colors, Teal Floral, Red Solid, Polka Dot, & Red Stripe (red stripe pattern) Plus 3 of them Match the Modbe Tweens! (New this year) These suits cross in the back and then tie in the middle of the back! (very sexy, says my husband) They also have an adjustable side ruching for your comfort. These swim tops are GREAT for support & very little cleavage! These swim tops are Great for those who are Size C & D cup. This swim top is great on Curvy Shape & Broad/Busty Body Types.
(Polka Dot & Red Stripe)
~ This Modbe Swim Top is NOT recomended as a Moternity swim top! (the side ruches will make it extra tight with your growing belly)

The Bandeau is back for it's 2nd year! With 4 colors/designs to choose from, Red Floral, Cheetah print, Orange Floral, & Deep Surf. These also tie around the neck area and then the upper back. These give great affect for those who are looking to add something that is not their (like me)! The Red Floral goes up to Plus Size 2! This top is great for a Pear Shape, Boy Shape & Slender/Petite Body Types.
(Orange Floral & Deep Surf)

~ You can wear this Modbe Swim Top as a Maternity swim top!

The Lace Up is back for it's 2nd year aswell! It comes in 3 different colors, Green Floral, Zebra print & Olive! This suit has the same back as the Diagnal Stripe! Crosses on the back & then tyes in the middle of the back. I Love & have this style of top as well! This is great on Boy Shapes, Curvy & Slender/Petite Body Types.
~ You can wear this Modbe Swim Top as a Maternity swim top!

Modbe Swim Bottoms: 2 styles, 7 different ones to choose from! 6 Bikini swim bottoms with a band to wear either up for Tummy Support or lower for Smaller Hips!
The Red Floral bottoms are the only ones Modbe has in the BoyCut Brief style this year.

~ The Modbe bikini bottoms are great for a growing pregnant belly, as you grow you can pull the band up! ~
Modbe Swim Skirts are longer than what you can buy in the stores!
They have a slit on the side so when you get into the water it doesn't float up & you can walk in it whitout walking like a penguine! 5 different colors to choose from!
Red Pepper, Black, Cocoa, Navy, and Burgundy swim skirts!

The Modbe Tween is NEW this year! These tops, all 3 of them match the diagnal stripe tops EXCEPT for the Red Stripe Diagonal Stripe (only in adult). They come in Sizes: 8 & 10/12.
The Cocoa Side Tie Bottoms are adjustable because YOU tie them to fit your size! (double knot them) -- So CUTE!

(Polka Dot & Teal Floral)

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Nicole said...

question: I have the red pepper diagonal top with the matching red skirt from last year. I want to get a new top that will match that red pepper skirt. Does the red floral bandeau match the red pepper skirt? THANKS!

Nickelle said...

Answer: Nicole good question!
YES!!! We were told that all the suits that were made this year are suppose to "match" the ones from last year... everybody questioned that, especially with the cocoa.
She (Trish, the creator & desingner for Modbe) told us that they tried really hard to get them to match to a perfect "T", but they may be a very slight shade off, but it should look fine, otherwise they will get a lot of returns if it doesn't. I trust them! :o) So go for it! The Red Floral Bandeau is Really cute! I love the pattern on this swim suit top! you can email me at:
With your order or any more questions that you may have!
Thanks for looking at my blog! :o>
~ Nickelle

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