Saturday, February 23, 2008

Modbe Swim 08 Important Note: New material......

If you have purchased a Modbe Swim Suit from last year's Swimline 07... & you are wondering if these colors from this New Swim 08 Season are going to match. The answer is YES!
Modbe informed us that they tried really hard to match the colors to a "T" , so they would blend well with the previous Modbe Swim Wear! So Go ahead, get another Modbe Swim Top or 2!

Also another IMPORTANT NOTE: This year Modbe has used a different material on their Swim Suits, it is sooo soft! I LoVe it. Since this New material (DTY) is so soft it Gives a little More Stretch, with that being said: LADIES you may have to go DOWN a Size in your Modbe Swim 08 Suit this year! YEAH!!! If you have any questions on what size to get, go to my other modbe website & send me an e-mail.
I would be more than happy to help you!


Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of jeans named "naomi" and I would like to buy them but when I visited your website I couln't find do I find the jeans on your website?


Nickelle said...

I was just informed as of Friday, Nov. 14th, 2008 that the Naomi Jeans & Juliette Jeans are NO LONGER available to Purchase - No Pre-Sale on these 2 Modbe jeans.
*** We were told The Modbe jeans did not meet Modbe's "high quality" standards of their product when they got samples from their manufacturer. I'm so sorry... these are my Favorite Modbe Jeans(Naomi)!!! You can however still purchase the Jane Jeans if you are interested!
Thank You for your Comment!
"Happy Shopping!"

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