Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to take Care of your Modbe swimwear (swim suit)....

Do you want your Modbe swimwear to always look it's best?! I Know I do!
So here are a few tips to take into consideration before & after you step into that swimming pool this Sumer!

1st. Everytime you get into & out of the swimming pool you want to get yourself/the Modbe swim suit wet (with no chlorine in the water)using fresh water Before & After entering the pool.
This is so when you get into the swimming pool (that has chlorine in it with other chemicals) it doesn't soke up A Lot (or all) of those chemicals into your Modbe Swim Suit, because your Modbe swim suit is already wet with the fresh water!
2nd. Then immediatley when you get out of the swimming pool you rinse yourself/the Modbe swim suit off with fresh water to wash out the chlorine & other chemicals that got on your Modbe Swim Suit.
When your Modbe swimming suit needs to be washed, it is recommended that you Hand Wash it in cold water & hang to dry. -- Never put your Modbe Swimming suit in the dryer because it will loose it's lacticity. (stretch)

I hope these tips were helpful... Thanks!
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